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Dr Singh is a vasectomy doctor who performs the procedure for Newcastle and Hunter Valley patients. Please book an  inital consultation with Dr Singh and then the vasectomy procedure appointment will be made for you.

Vasectomy is a popular method of contraception for Newcastle men. About one in four Australian males over the age of 40 has had a vasectomy.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that involves cutting the tubes that carry the sperm from the testes (also known as the vas deferens or the vas). After the procedure, ejaculated semen will not contain sperm. Instead, it will be reabsorbed into the body.

What is the process for getting a Vasectomy?

If you would like to arrange a vasectomy procedure to be performed at our Hunter Valley vasectomy clinic you will need to have an initial assessment by Doctor Singh. During this visit the vasectomy procedure is explained and an examination is performed to make sure that you are able to have the procedure safely performed under local anaesthetic. We will take you through any questions you may have to make sure the procedure is right for you in the practice setting.

The procedure:

We use a small cut to the skin of the scrotum. This is a quick, effective and relatively painless procedure that means less bruising and reduced risk of infection. The procedure takes approximately an hour and is done under local anaesthetic. We do ask you to arrange to have someone drive you home as a precaution.


After the procedure it is normal for there to be a small amount of bruising and mild discomfort which supportive underwear and over the counter pain killers such as Panadeine will help.  You can also use an icepack to reduce swelling.

You can return to work or light duties if you have a physically demanding job, within a few days. After five days, you can resume sexual activity. Your vasectomy will not impact your sexual performance or ability to ejaculate. However, it is important to note that your vasectomy will not be immediately effective. It will take a few months after the vasectomy for the sperm to clear out of the ducts. You will need to use a different method of contraception until you get the all clear.

After a fortnight you can resume exercise. After a month you can resume heavy weights, contact sports and cycling.

Follow up sperm count:

After 3 months, you will need to have a sperm count done to confirm that the vasectomy has been successful. This test is looking to see that there are no longer any live sperm in the semen. You should not stop using contraception until we have confirmed with you that your sperm count is zero. You should still use a condom in situations if you are at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


Better Health Greenhills in East Maitland performs the vasectomy procedure at a cost of $714.05 with a medicare rebate of $214.05 this will mean you are $500 out of pocket cost covering the theatre fee. The procedure itself is bulk billed.


Vasectomy should be considered a permanent method of contraception.  You need to be certain that you do not want anymore, or any children before considering this procedure.

Vasectomy reversal involves re-joining the cut ends of the vas deferens, usually by microsurgery.  This operation is much more complex than vasectomy, needs to be done under general anaesthetic and can take several hours.  Success is not guaranteed and it can be very expensive.

Vasectomy will not affect your libido (sex drive), sexual function or ability to ejaculate in any way.  The only thing that changes is that your semen will no longer have any sperm in it.

One study found men who had had a vasectomy reported improved sexual satisfaction, perhaps because of less stress since unintended pregnancy was no longer a worry.

A vasectomy does not remove your testes, which is where testosterone is produced, so your testosterone levels will remain unchanged.  It simply redirects sperm by cutting the vas deferens so that it can’t mix with semen.

Many men don’t even feel the local anaesthetic needle.  Once the anaesthetic takes effect, you won’t feel the procedure which lasts about 1 hour.

Some bruising and pain or aching is normal for up to one to two weeks after vasectomy.  Rest, elevation and over the counter pain killer will help.

Usually the thought of the procedure is far worse than the reality. 

The amount and colour of semen you produce should look the same as it did before vasectomy.  Sperm only makes up about 2% of the volume of ejaculation.

Vasectomy is more than 99.85% effective making it one of the most effective forms of contraception.

Female sterilisation or tubal ligation in women is a more complex procedure than a vasectomy, usually performed laproscopically with one or two scalpel incisions under general anaesthetic.  The fallopian tubes are cut and then tied off, clipped and then cauterized.

Please call Better Health Greenhills in East Maitland on Ph: (02) 4933 3093 to book at time for a consultation where we will discuss the procedure and undertake an inital examination to determine if you are a suitable candidate to have a vasectomy procedure performed at our Hunter Valley surgery.

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